About me...............


 I became interested in genealogy a few years ago when my sister and I were checking out the Ellis

Island site.  Lo and behold!  We found our grandfather along with his parents and brothers and sisters.

They were traveling from a small town in Germany to the U.S.  There they were, right in front of us;

their names forever written down in history!  That's all it took....I have been hooked ever since.

Genealogy has become a passion for me, I can't seem to get enough. My children don't understand,

 my husband doesn't understand....but my sister does,  as she shares this passion with me, this

desire to know from whence we came, and to know those people who are so much a part of what

we are today.               


  My husband and I live in Michigan...a most beautiful state surrounded by water and trees of all kinds. 

We have 2 sons and a daughter....all are grown and following their own lives and dreams. We are

just beginning to enjoy the bittersweet feeling of being "empty-nesters".

I recently retired from a career in elementary education, I loved my job, but now I love having the

time to track down my ancestors. I could spend hours searching through old dusty books and records

at libraries and courthouses, and traveling to faraway cities and places. I long to walk where my long lost

relatives walked many years ago.   The search goes on, but I don't believe it will ever truly come to an end.